How can we learn to walk in the path of the godly?

Psalms 119:33-35

“Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end.”

Here is the way we may finally persevere. Here is how we continue living the life of Jesus, the holy life.  We must begin with a teachable spirit. He that is not willing to learn holy things has not begun right. “Teach me.” But the teaching we must have comes from God. “Teach me, O Lord.” I am not content to have the Word second-hand. Lord, you be my teacher. Teach me, O Lord. I shall never learn unless you teach me. Oh my Lord and my God you made me, you gave me a new heart, precious heavenly Father now write your Word upon my heart, how else shall it ever be written there? Teach me practical godliness. Teach it to me that I shall learn it and put it into practice and live my life according to your will. Lord if you teach me surely I shall keep your Word until the end. Yes Lord, give me understanding and I shall observe your Word and do your will with my whole heart.

We must be taught from the source of wisdom and understanding the Holy Bible, God’s Word.

If we do not understand God’s Word we are weak indeed when confronted by the things the world offers us. Is it any wonder that when we are confronted by temptations we stumble and fall? If we only give accent to being Christian with our mouths and not our whole hearts and minds, then we have no strength within us to stand against the wiles of Satan. There is little wonder that men turn aside from an outward religion which has never taken possession of their hearts and minds. We must know and understand God’s Word and the only word that can be wholly trustworthy is in the Holy Bible.

“Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law.”

Where can we get understanding of God’s law, but from God’s Word the Holy Bible and earnest prayer? Oh, brothers and sisters, daily Bible reading, prayer, and meditation upon the Word is what keeps us in safety. The Word is that which keeps us on the path that all the righteous pilgrims have trod before us. It is a well-trod path, but a path which cannot be found without the Word of God deeply embedded in our hearts and minds.

“Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight.”

Not only teach me the way but “make me to go in it”. Take hold of me as a mother does of her little child, and teach me how to walk, and help me in the walking. Make me to go. It is a feeble word — a most expressive prayer. “Make me to go for therein do I delight.” When a man delights in God’s way, he will be sure to be made to go in it. For, naturally, my heart would go after the world, and cleave to its riches and its treasures, and begin to covet, but, Lord, bend it the other way. If you do not love God’s testimonies, the tendency will be to become a lover of the world.”  Spurgeon Expository Notes

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