A Bad Day

Just some thoughts on a bad day.

Did you ever have one of those days, a day that nothing goes right but everything goes wrong; a day when you would like to sing a song but all you feel like there is nothing to sing about? That is today in my little world.

I stare at this blank page hoping to write something to lift people up and all I can see is down. No, not a good day, not a good day. Whoa is me. Have you ever had a day like that?

But then I turn on a little music. Thank God for music, one of his most wonderful gifts. This is my Father’s World. When I hear that I know that my feeling as low as they may be, are all wrong. Things cannot be as bad as I think they are, as bad as they make me feel, they cannot be that bad. God is in control of His world, what have I to fear? Nothing!

Music can be so good if it comes from the right place; if it carries the right message; a message to lift us up to God. Praise God for excellent mercy . . . . and music.

About Lawrence Blair

Been there, done that, found something or should I say, Someone better, the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm here to toot His horn, not mine.